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Special Projects

  • Timber Sea Snail
  • Timber Sea Snail
  • Timber Sea Snail

Timber Sea Snail

Timber sea snail at Ynyslas Visitor Centre, Ceredigion.

Commissioned in 2003 by the Countryside Council for Wales.

  • Unique sea snail design by Mick Petts in Welsh Oak.
  • Combines eye catching design with practical viewing platform in area of outstanding natural beauty.
  • Wooden cladded shelter
  • Wooden cladded shelter

Sheltered Seating

Unique oak clad woodland shelter in the Harold Hillier arboretum, Romsey, Hampshire.

Designed by Mick Pett to resemble an upturned boat it fits beautifully into this woodland environment.

  • Timber Bird Hide with reed fencing
  • Inside the bird hide
  • Visitors in the wooden bird hide
  • Bird hide with reed cladding

Flamingo Lagoon

An African inspired new building which gives visitors to Slimbridge an unusual, bird level view out onto the Flamingo lagoon.

Designed by Mick Petts, the ‘Flamingo Lounge’ was constructed in Douglas Fir using twin uprights with radially braced rafters.

June 2012.

Flamingo Lounge, Slimbridge

Newport Bird Hide

The largest of a series of five individually designed bird hides at the Newport Wetlands National Nature Reserve in Wales.

Commissioned by the Countryside Council for Wales, this large, practical hide gives superb views out over the Gwent Levels.